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Maryland Lan Gamers


LAN Party Rules

1. Anyone between and including 13 and 17 years of age must print out and sign our Terms of Agreement form and bring it with you the day of the Lan. If you are 12 and under, it is required that a parent or guardian be with you at all times. The guardian must be over 18 years of age. Those requiring a form and arrive without one will not be admitted. Blank forms will be available at the door for completion if needed.

2. Before you leave, you must clean up your own area. We are not your maid!

3. You must bring the following: 25’ Cat5 patch cable (an extra 6’ patch is optional for a short run to the switches on each table), 25’ extension cord is a MUST and a surge protector. NO UPS UNITS ARE TO BE USED AT MLG LANs. They use too much power.  Systems with more than one power supply will be charged for each additional PSU as a computer.


4. Your own PC with working NIC and games you wish to play. Please have the games patched up to the current versions. MLG provides a file server with the most popular game updates. This is done via DC++. Ensure you have the latest version installed and configured before heading out.  Check the forums for the latest versions being played. Join the forums and you will automatically be added to the mailing list. Please make sure you are patched before arriving, this speeds things up greatly.  Additionally, make sure you have the most updated version of Teamspeak installed if you intend on using it. We will have a TS server running during the LAN.


Also, please ensure that your machine works before coming to the LAN. We usually spend too much time trying to fix attendee’s boxes from not working or running the games properly. We will however, ensure you can connect to the LAN appropriately. We cannot guarantee time to work on your machine to determine why “it’s running slow or choppy”.

5. Food will be sold at most MLG LANs. The menu will usually consist of hotdogs, sandwiches (BBQ, burgers, etc.), misc. chips, cookies and other snack stuff as well as sodas and BAWLS. Also, most locations are near McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc. should you wish to pursue the fast food route. Kitchens are dependent on a minimum number of RSVPs. Note that there is a minimum of 35 PAID RSVPs before we will run a kitchen.

6. Alcohol is not permitted at MLG LANs. If you have alcohol (or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs). You will be asked to leave and you will not be invited back. Parents can rest assured that this is strictly enforced and monitored.

7. You must RSVP. If you are not on the list, you will not be guaranteed a seat.  Only those that have prepaid are 100% guaranteed a seat. All others are seated on a first come first served basis. See the RSVP Page for additional information.


8. Headphones ARE required at the LANs.  Speakers are not permitted by attendees.


9. You may bring your own chair if you wish. There are no restrictions there but please don’t bring an “L shaped” couch into the room and expect us to be happy with it.


10. Smoking is permitted but only OUTSIDE. Please use the butt cans near the rear glass double doors.


11. Coolers are permitted but they must fit (and be stored) below the table where you are seated. Please do not put coolers on the tables. They tend to leak and it makes people uneasy with expensive equipment on the same table.


12. NO additional network equipment is permitted to be connected to the MLG Network unless you obtain permission first. This means no additional switches, routers, hubs, etc.


13. It is advised that you mark all of your equipment with your name and phone number. When we clean up, if we find something that has been left behind, we will contact you so that you may pick it up.  If we still have it at the next LAN it will be raffled off as a door prize. Check in the forums under LAN Lost and Found for any missing items.


14. All attendees that are granted reduced or free entrance fees of some sort (Girlfriends, wives and vendors for example) are not provided with a door prize ticket for prizes.  This is reserved only for those that pay the full PC admission price. This includes those that are FD members, XBOX only players, observers, free girlfriends/wives (when permitted), etc.


15.  The entrance fee only covers the attendee and their one single gaming box. Those that wish to bring additional computers (laptops or desktops) will be required to pay an additional fee of $5 per computer. This must be paid at the door upon entrance to the LAN.


16. Spectators/observers are permitted at no cost. You must still sign in at the front so we can keep tabs on who is inside and obtain a wristband.  Spectators are NOT permitted to be on ANY computer for ANY reason or playing the Xbox.  Not only will the spectator be asked to leave but the person allowing the use of their computer will also have to leave. There are NO warnings.


17. Payments: Refunds are not provided after payment has been received unless the LAN is cancelled by MLG. This is due to the fact that MLG is required to prepay for items pertaining to the LAN which is based on the amount of RSVPs.  Please ensure you are able to attend before you prepay.  Also, the “Prepay” is available only until 12:00 the night before the LAN. If you pay after that time, you will need to pay the balance at the registration desk. You are also able to pay via Paypal onsite at the registration desk. This amount will be the “@ door” entrance fee.


18. All attendees are expected to have read and agree to the Maryland Lan Gamers Terms and Agreement Form which is available for download here.  All attendees are required to sign in at the entrance desk. Your signature acknowledges that you are aware of the Terms and Agreement information contained on the form and these RULES and that you agree to same. Only those attendees that are under 18 years of age have additional restrictions due to age.  Copies of this form are also available on site at the time of registration.


19. You will be photographed while attending an MLG LAN. These photographs will be used only for promotional purposes and will be posted on the website and/or provided to sponsors for their promotional purposes. If you object to this, please contact Leatherman if you see your photograph posted on the site and wish to have it removed.


20. NO profane or over “G” rated game names or handles are permitted. You will be asked once nicely to change your name.


21. Those that pay the $5 for XBOX only play are NOT permitted to play on a computer. There is no sharing of computer play if you pay an XBOX only fee. Those that are caught swapping bracelets will be asked to leave with no refund and will not be invited back. Those that pay the normal entrance fee can switch between both.  Please note that the X-Box is setup on Saturday at 10:00 AM for use. It is not setup on Fridays as we use that area for sleeping. This is why the X-Box only play price has never increased. The amount of time the unit/space is available remained the same even though we moved to overnight LANs. We will break down the Xbox area again on Saturday night to enable a sleeping area for attendees should the LAN be a weekend LAN.


22. A generator is rented when a minimum number of prepaid attendees is met. There must be a minimum of 65 prepaid attendees on or before the Monday prior to the LAN before a generator is rented. This decision is made at 10:00 AM on that day. Without a generator it limits the number of attendees to only 40. This is because the electric in the building will not support any additional systems due to power consumption. It’s imperative for folks to RSVP early and to pay ahead via Paypal if you know you’re coming so I can get a generator to support larger limits. Additionally, only SINGLE POWERSUPPLY SYSTEMS are permitted when no generator is rented. This is due to the restriction on the electric. When a generator is rented there is no restriction. Email Leatherman if you have a question about this.


23. MLG requires a minimum of 20 prepaid attendees before a LAN will be held. This is reviewed/determined on the Monday prior to the LAN at 10:00 AM. MLG reserves the right to cancel under those or any other circumstances beyond our control. If MLG cancels a LAN all prepays will be promptly refunded. Those receiving a discounted (or free) entrance fee are not included as a prepay for determining if a LAN will be held or not.


24. If you prepay the LAN cost is $30 (via Paypal) for computers and $5 for Xbox only play. Prepay is only for those paying up to midnight the night prior to the LAN. If you pay after that time, you will pay full price and the balance at the door.  There is no prepay required for Xbox play.  MLG no longer rents computer for LAN use. For additional information pertaining to rentals, click here.


25. MLG offers a periodic “Discount LAN” which is $20 prepay and $25 at the door. There is a strict limit of 40 attendees at these LANs. The discount LANs do not generate enough funds to allow for a generator. Additionally, only SINGLE POWERSUPPLY SYSTEMS are permitted when no generator is rented. This is due to the restriction on the electric. When a generator is rented there is no restriction. Email Leatherman if you have a question about this.


26. The registration desk is CLOSED between the hours of 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM. This is to allow the staff to get some much needed rest. The entrance doors are locked at that time. You are still able to go out and return provided you arrange to have someone let you in. New registrants must wait until 9:00 AM on Saturday to register if you arrive after 1:00 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning.


27. Maryland Lan Gamers reserves the right to end the LAN PARTY early when the attendance goes to or below 15 paying (full admission price) attendees. We reserve the right to do so anytime after 10:00 PM Saturday night.


28. Lastly, Maryland LAN Gamers (MLG) does not provide any loaner software or hardware. Please DO NOT ask for game CDs, Operating System CDs, loaner Ethernet cables, mice or anything else. MLG does offer some items for sale in the event that you forgot something but we do not loan out any equipment or provide any software or copies of software. We have loaned out a lot of stuff that we have never received back which has forced us to do this.


Our LAN PARTY CHECK LIST is available here for download. It provides a rather thorough list of what to bring and what not to bring to our LANs.

Tournament Information:


Finally, a short note about how MLG does tournaments. Officially, we don’t. What we do is we collect all of the swag provided by sponsors and place it out on a table. We then call the ticket numbers at random from the door prize tickets distributed when you register at the registration desk. First called gets first pick. We keep calling numbers until either (1) all of the swag has been given out or (2) we run out of tickets to call (which is usually the case). Rarely do we run out of prizes We usually have enough stuff for everyone to take home something. Ok, why do we do this? We used to run tournaments in the traditional manner and all that meant was that the best players won all of the good stuff and the other folks, the “regulars” that were not real good but attended each LAN religiously were not able to win any of the good stuff. So, to rectify this, we switched to a simple door prize raffle system so EVERYONE has an equal chance of winning the good stuff.  Please note that we still can (and do) have tournaments. They are organized by someone at the LAN (anyone not competing obviously) and I will usually be able to provide some sort of prizes for the winners. It maybe some BAWLS, t-shirts or the like but I usually have something to give away. Those wishing to hold a tournament must contact me EARLY in the LAN (or as early as possible) so I can sit aside something for the winners. The later you wait to arrange the tournament the slimmer the chance of me being able to provide some sort of prizes for the winners. Also, the tournament does not have to be a PC tournament. It can also be an Xbox tournament if desired.


Lastly, we have the raffle on Saturday evening between 5-6:00 PM. This allows most of the people to be present that have prepaid, arrived late, etc. You MUST be present to win. If no one speaks up when a number is called, the next number is called until either we run out of tickets or prizes. Each person can only win ONE prize from the raffle. You cannot hold onto another person’s ticket and present it after you have already won with your own.

 NOTE: These rules are in place to ensure everyone has a good time. We are all friendly and willing to help you with any technical problems you may have as time permits. All we ask is that you follow these simple rules and respect your fellow players.  MLG is not responsible for any damage to or theft of any computer part(s). It is your responsibility to ensure you have a good computer quality
COMPUTER GRADE surge protector (not a power tap) while at the LANs. Additionally, MLG is not responsible for any loss regardless of the circumstances. If you fear for your equipment, take it with you when you leave the building.


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