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We Play ALL Games at our LANs…including:

Battlefield 3/4

Counter Strike

Call of Duty Series

Unreal Tournament






If you are a member of our forums, you are a member of Maryland LAN Gamers




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Upcoming LAN Parties..

TIME: 10:00 AM on Saturday until 12:00 AM Midnight
LOCATION: Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department, 125 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD

Directions:  Map via Mapquest

If you have paid admission in advance, a PD will appear next to your name and it will be highlighted in yellow. If you have not paid in advance, or plan to pay at the day of the party, a NP will appear next to your name.   If you need to RSVP, send a note to rsvp@marylandlangamers.net and you will be added to the RSVP list below.  This list does not include those that have pre-paid solely for XBOX play. These attendees do not impact the overall reserve slots.




0 of 45 Prepaid slots have been reserved!


This RSVP list was updated as of  11/10/2018 7:59 AM






Remember, only those that have PREPAID are 100% guaranteed a seat (regardless of arrival time).


Yellow indicates your payment has been received.   A red dollar sign ($) indicates you will have a balance due at the registration desk.





For those of you that want to pay in advance, you can use the Paypal button below. This will automatically take you to Paypal and enter the correct amount for pre-paying.  Also, each additional computer that an attendee brings to the LAN is an extra $5 to connect to the network and the electric. For those that simply bring their gaming rig, there is no extra charge. This is for those people that insist on coming to the LAN with 2 or more computers and take up space on the network and juice from the electric. We feel that this is a fair trade off since MLG has to spend extra money for a generator because of the increased capacity. You can either pay this additional fee at the door or you can send the additional funds via Paypal.  This does not include those people that bring servers to assist with the Lan functions or game hosting.  To bring a computer for a second purpose (server or the like) you must contact Leatherman BEFORE bringing it.  If you have any questions, email me.


This LAN will be $20 prepay and $25 at the door.


The “prepay” price is valid through 10:00 PM on the day before the LAN (Friday evening). If you prepay after that date/time, you will have to pay the balance upon registration.






You are still able to pay via Paypal after that time but you will just need to pay the full “door” amount. You can also pay via Paypal onsite upon registration.







As a reminder, if you do not RSVP you will not be guaranteed a seat. Most parties are being advertised in numerous places including the local newspapers. Some “walk-ins” are expected. 


In response to numerous questions, I have posted below the rules regarding the

 “Seating Priority” at the LANs. Please read it carefully so you know exactly where you stand when it comes to the seating.




ALL Seating is based on PRIORITY:


A)    All of those that RSVP’d and paid in advance are guaranteed a seat regardless of arrival time.


B)    All of those that RSVP’d but DID NOT PAY IN ADVANCE will be seated providing there is room up to the maximum attendee limit.  Note that if someone shows up and pays (RSVP or not) they will be seated ahead of those that have not paid.


C)    Those that  choose to simply show up with out  an RSVP (or paying) show up at your own risk. You are not guaranteed a seat. You will have a chance at the spaces between the RSVP number to the maximum of 65 attendee limit. For example, if 90 people RSVP for the event, you can show up for one of the 10 available “walk in” attendee spots.




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