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We Play ALL Games at our LANs…including:

Battlefield 3/4

Counter Strike

Call of Duty Series

Unreal Tournament













Violent Old Man



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Maryland Lan Gamers

Network Setup

 Gigabit Backbone


·         The MLG network consists of various game servers running Windows 2003 Server, XPP or Linux. We just invested in a new server; a Quad Core Xeon server with Raptors in RAID0. This server has every game installed that we normally play at MLG LANs and we can switch between them quickly.  We can also host your game if you provide the installation software for the server files prior to the day of the LAN. We can also load custom maps you provide. Attendees are free to host any game they wish on their own box during MLG LANs.

·         WiFI – We usually do not setup an AP since people do not use it to game.  If for some reason you need an AP setup speak with Leatherman. 

·         We have five (5) 24 port 10/100 (2X 1000) Ethernet switches to a single 16 port gigabit switch. The servers connect into the same switch. Each set of 12 tables has a single 24 port switch 10/100 switch with 1 or 2 gigabit ports. One port is connected directly to the server gigabit switch. MLG provides all cabling from the game servers to the main switch and then to the switches at each set of tables. It is the attendee’s responsibility to provide connectivity from the switch at the table to their box for both the network and electric.

·         Internet connectivity is provided via a broadband connection (DSL).  This connection is only for the use of game updates and authentication and is NOT to be used for checking email and instant messenger services.  We share this with the fire department personnel which is why this is restricted.

·         When the RSVP number dictates, a 24KW Diesel Generator is utilized to provide additional electric to the hall.  This generator provides a plentiful amount of clean power for all of the equipment and attendees.

Please note that MLG does not provide any software for game play. It is each attendee’s responsibility to ensure that they own each game that they wish to play.


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