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We Play ALL Games at our LANs…including:

Battlefield 3/4

Counter Strike

Call of Duty Series

Unreal Tournament













Violent Old Man


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Maryland Lan Gamers

 Lan Gaming FAQ
This section will give you a brief explanation of Lan gaming.


What is a Lan party?


Basically, a LAN Party is where a bunch of players gather together and play games over a Local Area Network (LAN).  This can be a wired or unwired. Wired networks for lan gaming are preferred because of the higher speeds.


How many people can play?


A Lan party could consist of anything from two (which could be a bit boring) to several hundred (or more) players.  There's no real limit to how many people can participate in a Lan game, as long as the organizers have the equipment to deal with the higher amount of attendees. However, not everybody will be able to play in the same game. Game limitations vary from game to game but typically for first-person shooters player limits could range from 16, 32  or even 64 people per game.


What games can be played?


A majority of games these days have a multiplayer option via TCP/IP (LAN or internet gameplay).  Providing the game supports this option, it should be playable at the LAN.  The organizers will have dedicated servers running popular games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942, Counter-Strike, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004 and others. Having dedicated servers is the best way to host games.  However, if you have a small number of people playing a game, one of the people playing can host the game and play at the same time.  This is not feasible with a large number of players in a game.


What equipment do I need?


You will need your PC with the needed hardware installed as well as the games you wish to play. You will need a NIC (network card) and 25’ CAT5 network cable. MLG also suggests that you bring a computer grade power tap.  See our Rules page which lists everything you'll need to bring to an MLG Lan party.


Also, for those that do not want to drag their own box to a Lan and risk breaking anything, MLG rents LAN ready computers for attendees. Go to our  MLG Computer Rental Information  page for additional information.


Why go to a LAN party?


Lan gaming has always boasted low ping (latency) gaming. This is where you get pings of 5 or less in Lan gaming.  Even with a room of 100 or more attendees, the ping is very low. 


And then there's the social side to LAN gaming.  Sitting at home on your PC isn't quite the same as being in a room full of gamers with the atmosphere and being able to stand up and yell “Dude...you just got owned!”.  Being able to put a face with a name in a game ads a whole new degree of competitiveness to computer gaming.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.




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