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Maryland Lan Gamers

Lan Gaming Has Excellent Fundraising Potential for Your Organization

Computer Lan Gaming


Computer lan gaming has boomed in the last 5 years. Lan gaming attracts players from all age groups, all backgrounds and all income levels. Since recent, dramatic price drops in computer hardware, gaming has become extremely popular and has become a very lucrative target group for computer hardware manufacturers.


This translates to an excellent fundraising potential for your organization. With minimum flat rate financial investment, Maryland Lan Gamers will rent out their network infrastructure which would include all that would be required to host a Computer Gaming Lan for up to 150 attendees. You would merely supply the location and adequate electrical power and Maryland Lan Gamers does the rest to advertise, implement and admin the lan.


There are numerous advantages to using Maryland Lan Gamers as a fundraising event. Here are just a few of the benefits:


          MLG will come to your location.

          MLG provides ALL of the network equipment. This includes game servers, network switches, cables and the employees to admin the equipment during the lan.

          MLG charges a flat rate which is governed by the number of attendees, distance to the location and the number of hours at the location.

          MLG takes care of advertising both locally and via numerous websites as well as email notifications to potential attendees. Your organization provides advertising internally.

          MLG does not have a minimum number of attendees. You can have MLG provide network gaming services for virtually any size group, large or small. This makes MLG attractive for smaller parties such as birthday parties and cub scount meetings as well as large 100+ person lans.

          Your organization sets the admission price (average is $25 per attendee)

          Your organization has the option of running a kitchen during the event which increases the potential for greater income.



If this fund raising alternative sounds like something you would be interested in, contact Maryland Lan Gamers for more information. Email Bobby with any questions you may have or if you need a price quote.




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